Working Group 4

The overall aim of WG4 is to review research methods for examining youth (process and outcome) psychotherapy research from systematic reviews and expert consultation, with the particular focus to be identified from WG1 and WG2. 

Age customized research designs

We will then aim to identify gaps in methods, or gaps in how to involve youth in research methods, and how we can best address these gaps, in consultation with young people and families.

Progress report

In this webinar you hear Chief Assistant Professor Camellia Hancheva presenting research and examples on: How to design relevant studies?

Status report

Working Group 4 is working on two systematic reviews on age-customized research design for youth psychotherapy.

The first review is a collaboration with another European research network – a Marie-Curie European Training Network on technology-enabled mental health for adolescents. This review will explore approaches to age-customized digital psychotherapy research to develop understanding about approaches to engage young people in digital psychotherapy interventions.

The systematic review was planned and the protocol developed in Athens in January 2018 and Cyprus in September 2018 and we then began the screening of titles and abstracts in London in December 2018.

Currently, we are extracting data from the included full texts (target completion Autumn 2019).

In April we will be holding a co-design session with young people to develop quality criteria for how best to engage young people in the design of psychotherapy research (target completion Summer 2019).

These standards will then be applied to the studies identified in the systematic reviews from Working Group 1 and 2 to identify approaches for not only age customizing research for young people but ensuring psychotherapy research studies are designed to be engaging and accessible (target start Summer 2019).

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