Working Group 4

Age customized research designs

The overall aim of WG4 is to review research methods for examining youth (process and outcome) psychotherapy research from systematic reviews and expert consultation, with the particular focus to be identified from WG1 and WG2. We will then aim to identify gaps in methods, or gaps in how to involve youth in research methods, and how we can best address these gaps, in consultation with young people and families.

Members of working group 4

First Name Last Name Country WG Role Email address
Julian Edbrooke-Childs UK Leader
Nick Midgley UK MC member
Luis-Joaquin Garcia-Lopez Spain MC member: Spanish representative
Catarina  Pinheiro Mota Portugal Researcher
Camellia Hancheva Bulgaria Vice-leader
Nick Morgan UK MC member
Célia Sales Portugal Vice-leader
Sonia Sousa Estonia Member
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