Working Group 3

WG3 focuses on assessing the need for appropriate and validated process and outcome measures for research on specific markers and mechanisms of change in psychotherapy for the age group covered by the COST Action. 

Age Customized Process and Treatment Measures

WG3 will review the literature to identify the outcome domains most relevant to youth/young adult psychotherapy, the best available assessment tools for these domains, and the best available assessment tools for the mediators and moderators identified by WG1 and WG2.

WG3 will suggest what outcome, mediator, and moderator variables that are currently lacking adequate measurement tools, and suggest needs for development.

In addition, the kind of research needed to further test the psychometric properties of available measures will also be suggested.

Progress report

In this webinar you hear Professor Fredrik Falkenstöm presenting their ongoing work on: How to measure change?

Status report

WG3 has during 2018 and 2019 started to plan for a structured review of measures of working alliance in youth. In this review, the COSMIN system will be used to rate the quality of each measure found in the review.

Introduction and Methods section are being drafted during the Spring of 2019. The search is planned to be done during summer of 2019, and the quality assessment during the latter half of this year.

Later, more reviews will be done on moderators and mediators identified by WG1 and WG2.

In addition, WG3 is organizing the TREATME Training School on using the COMSIN system for quality assessment of psychometric instruments on September 17-19, 2019, in Krakow, Poland.

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