Working Group 2

Mechanisms of Change (Mediators)

WG2 focuses on mediators (mechanisms of change) that occur within the patient and are trigged by the events in therapy sessions. WG2 will identify putative mechanisms of change in treatment of mental disorders in young people. WG2’s objectives are: 1) to exchange knowledge and research experience, and collaborate with clinicians in order to identify putative mechanisms of change in therapy, 2) to identify what is missing in the evidence base on mechanisms of change in therapy, and 3) to suggest what kind of research on mechanisms of change is needed in order to advance individualized treatment for individuals in this age group.

Members of working group 2

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WG role

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Svenja Taubner Germany Leader
Sonja Protic Serbia Vice Leader
Erkki Heinonen Finland Vice Leader
Jana  Volkert Germany STSM coordinator
Asta Adler Lithuania
Rasa Barkauskiene Lithuania
Dina Di Giacomo Italy
Yianna Ioannou Cyprus
Peter Lilliengren Sweden
José Miguel Mestre Spain
Nick Midgley UK
Patricia Moreno-Peral Spain
Elisabeth Ness Norway
Catarina Pinheiro Mota Portugal
Marija Raleva FYROM
Célia Sales Portugal
Andrea Saliba Malta
Tjasa Stepisnik Slovenia
Orya Tishby Israel
Filipa Mucha  Vieira Portugal
Margarida Rangel Henriques Portugal
Jan Ivar Røssberg Norway
Stefanie  Schmidt Switzerland
Sonia Conejo-Cerón  Spain
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