Working Group 2

WG2 focuses on mediators that occur within the patient and are trigged by the events in therapy sessions. 

Mechanisms of Change (Mediators)

WG2 will identify putative mechanisms of change in treatment of mental disorders in young people. WG2’s objectives are:

  • To exchange knowledge and research experience, and collaborate with clinicians in order to identify putative mechanisms of change in therapy
  • To identify what is missing in the evidence base on mechanisms of change in therapy
  • To suggest what kind of research on mechanisms of change is needed in order to advance individualized treatment for individuals in this age group

Status report

W2 is working on a series of systematic literature reviews of mediators of outcome of psychotherapy for adolescents and young people.

The scope and search terms for the reviews as well as a first stage screening of about 5000 abstracts have been established through meetings in Athens in January 2018, Nikosia in September 2018, Heidelberg in December 2018 and Valetta in March 2019.

Currently, a full text analysis is proceeded to analyze firstly what kind of variables have been used as mediators for individualized psychotherapy for young people and secondly to analyse what kind of mediators explained changes in internalizing and externalizing disorders.


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