Working Groups


The  rationale  for  establishing  the  five  WGs  is  the  need  to  exchange knowledge and expertise between nationally funded research groups and perform systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and  guidelines.  

This  exchange  will enable coordination  of  European  efforts in  determining  which psychotherapy treatments will be most effective for each young individual (in the age range from 14–30 years) depending on  the  person’s  developmental   stage  and  needs.  The  exchange  of knowledge will also help reveal the interaction effects between different psychotherapy modes and individual specific markers, as well as, the specific mechanisms of change that are involved in the process of youth therapy.

In order for the WGs to best achieve their aims, they will include multi-disciplinary researcher groups, clinicians, psychotherapy training institutions, and representatives from young mental health user organisations. 

WG1  and  WG2  are  closely  related  and  will  perform  collaborative  literature  reviews  and  work closely  together. WG3  and WG4  will  work  closely together  and  build  their work  on  results  from WG1 and WG2. WG5 works closely with MC and WG1-4. 

Overview of the working groups: 

Working Group 1: Specific Markers (Moderators)

Working Group 2: Mechanisms of Change (Mediators)

Working Group 3: Age Customized Process and Treatment Measures

Working Group 4: Age customized research designs

Working Group 5: Dissemination of Results and Communication with Stakeholders

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