Mónica Costa at the European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA) conference in Belgium

At the European Association for Research on Adolescence (EARA) conference from 12 to 15 September, I have presented the research paper “Predictors of the quality of the relationship with caregivers in residential care”.

I have also participated in the preconference workshop intitled “SEM models - random intercept models” by Prof. Dr. Loes Keijsers. The workshop helped me understand the conceptual aspects of this ongoing debate regarding ecological fallacies, in which both the pros and cons of different alternative analytical methods were discussed (including Random-Intercept Cross-Lagged Panel Models and Multilevel Models). This workshop provided an opportunity to reflect on my own research question, conducting small experiments and engaging in discussions. 

The overall theme of this conference was “Nurturing adolescent growth”, which also included any topics relevant to adolescent development including risk for psychopathology. This was an important conference in the field of adolescent particularly which is important for my study, given the focus on adolescence, namely features of adaptive development (e.g., adequate emotion regulation, social competence, resilience) and contextual support for such positive development for all youth (e.g., high-quality parenting, supportive relationships, secure peer and romantic relationships).

In general, the European Association for Research on Adolescence conference was an opportunity to listen to different presentations that gave me the insights into the latest work and trends in my field. I was also able to make connections that will possibly result in some collaborations in the future.

My poster presentation from the conference (ppt)

Mónica Costa
Universidade do Porto

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