WG5 meeting

Summary: COST Action TREATME Training School and WG5 meeting, Vienna 2nd -4th September 2019

"2-day training school (TS) for experienced and young researchers (Action members) on development and strengthening of knowledge on age specific research strategies and didactic competences for facilitation of research competence in youth psychotherapy (e.g., communication of research methods, research results and the research process) in order to ensure sustainability of the outcome of the Action and collaboration in the future."

Genral Grant Period Goals

Conduct systematic reviews on predictors and moderators of treatment outcome in psychotherapy with adolescents and young people.

The information gathered through the work of the group will be disseminated through the TREATme website and directly to clinicians and other stakeholders to prepare no less than three further systematic reviews on predictors and moderators of treatment outcome in psychotherapy with adolescents and young people, one of which will focus on either anxiety or depression whereas the others will focus on other major diagnostic groups.

Cooperation between ECI and experienced researcher preparing for the sustainability of the Action; strengthen ECI's leadership in the Action, prepare ECIs for future research leadership, and plan for an international, cooperative PhD/ITN program.

Description and Results

The current status and plan to ensure sustainability of the outcome of the Action and collaboration in the future was discussed, a dissemination proposal including all possible cooperations were discussed and agreed.   

The lecture on “Implementing an international training network/doctoral program and reviewer experiences” by Gary Donohoe (WG5) gave impact on how to proceed. Structure of curricular work was presented by Henriette Löffler-Stastka (WG1 and WG5).

For discussion of how to manage international cooperation, industrial partnerships, curricular demands, research methods, publications, etc. short input for discussion was presentd by several members of the COST-TS: 

  • Child and youth mental health in England (Julian Edbrooke-Childs/slides)
  • Design and methodology of randomized controlled trials within a precision medicine/psychotherapy framework - moderator studies within an RCT framework (Stig Poulsen)
  • Uncovering emotion dynamics through ecological momentary assessment - formulating hypotheses (Ioana Podina)
  • MicroExpressions and technical demands (Henriette Löffler-Stastka and Martin Kampel)
  • Empathy (Jose Mestre) 
  • Mediators (Erkki Heinonen)
  • Research in personalized feedback systems, idiographic measures and participatory research (Celia Sales)
  • Preventive treatment protocol - Smartwatch-based + caregivers, to improve active socializing (Giada Pietrabissa)
  • How can personalized youth psychotherapy prevent unemployment? (Randi Ulberg)
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship (Fellnhofer, Löffler-Stastka)


  • Stig Poulsen (WG1) (Denmark)
  • Ioana Podina (WG1) (Bukarest)
  • Erkki Heinonen (WG2) Finnland
  • Nigel Camilleri (Malta, WG1)
  • Giada Pietrabissa (Italy, WG5)
  • Martin Kampel (TU Vienna)
  • Andrew Spink (Noldus, Amsterdam)
  • Katharina Fellnhofer, Research and Innovation Management GmbH (RIM) Vienna
  • Eva Garcia Coordinator, Research Technology Development and Innovation S.L. (RTDI) Spain
  •  Henriette Löffler-Stastka (Vienna, WG1, WG5) 
  • Trainer: Gary Donohoe, Galway University, Ireland
  • Location: Dept. of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy and Postgraduate Unit Medical University Vienna, Austria
  • Organizer: Henriette Löffler-Stastka, Medical University Vienna
  • Participants: Gary Donohoe (trainer) Ireland
  • José Mestre (WG3)
  • Celia Sales (WG5) (Portugal)
  • Randi Ulberg (Norway) (WG1)

Discussion lead to agreement on content, topics, combination of publication strategies. Research methodology for individualized treatment (Ioanna Podina) has to be elaborated.

MEP Interviews  with all Participants (trainer/organizer/head of the project) were conducted and interviews will be provided on the TreatMe homepage, testimonials are written by MEP scholars.


A plan for establishment of future international collaboration to install an International Training Network. 

Picture of working group 5 in front of a Freud statue

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