WG5 meeting

At the WG5 meeting in Bern, future dissemination contents and new methods to generate and share acquired knowledge and competencies have been identified and already implemented, in particular usage of novel social media accounts, organization of symposia, and provision of a regular newsletter with updates on activities of TREATme and videos about members of TREATme.

Furthermore, additional strategies have been elaborated to increase our stakeholder network (e.g. psychotherapy training courses, courses on data management). Accordingly, a detailed dissemination plan has been finalized, which further elaborates the future steps of knowledge transfer to relevant target groups.

From the left: Giada Pietrabissa, Stefanie Schmidt, Henriette Löffler-Stastka, Hanne-Sofie Johnsen Dahl, Tamara Prevendar, Celia Sales, Pedro Filipe Gomes
Published Nov. 1, 2018 11:15 AM - Last modified Oct. 10, 2019 12:31 PM