WG3 meeting

The TREATME Working Group 3 met in Seville, Spain, on November 28-29th to discuss their ongoing systematic review of measures of youth working alliance measures.

The meeting was held in the brand new Loyola University building outside of town.

Participants: Fredrik Falkenström, Zorana Jolic, Camellia Hancheva, Jana Volkert, Nurka Pranjic, Nele De Witte, Nina Petricevic, Nuno Ferreira

Local organizers: Emma Motrico and José Mestre

After the general introductions, Thursday was spent mostly on discussing the ongoing working alliance measure review. Abstract screening, most of which had been done separately before the meeting, was continued in subgroups.

A discussion on COSMIN principles for rating the quality of measurement instruments was initiated. One of the new participants, Nuno Ferreira, has previous experience with the COSMIN system. In addition, it was decided that Emma Motrico will attend a 3-day COSMIN course in January, so that she can inform the rest of the group on how to use the system in our next meeting, when it is expected that we will be able to start rating articles using the system.

On Friday, the abstract screening process was finished, and plans were made for next meeting – including the work that needs to be done before it. Some discussions also centered on additional reviews of measures of moderators and mediators of youth psychotherapy. Suggestions were for mentalization and emotion regulation measures, but it was decided to wait until we are more finished with the ongoing review.


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