WG1 meeting

Working group 1, from the EU COST TREATme action, who are focusing on moderators for psychotherapy in young people, met up in Malta for from the 10th to the 11th of June 2019.


Bogdan Tudor Tulbure
Vera Gergov
Henriette Löffler-Stastka 
Ioana Podina
Sandra Torres
Eleni Vousoura
Branka Milic
Tamara Prevendar 
Nigel Camilleri 



The participants gave an overview of where they are in with regards to reading the full texts from the papers selected following the completed searches. 

WG1 set a deadline (mid July 2019) for when all the papers need to be read and scored. 

WG1 then discussed the inclusion and exclusion criteria and the ways to weigh and score the quality of the selected papers. WG1 did some practice in identifying predictors and moderators from the selected papers and discussed the individual scoring and findings together. 

Dissemination of results were discussed and a proposal was made to set up the criteria for what gives a professional the right of acknowledgement or authorship on published papers. WG1 first dissemination of its work will be presented in a symposium at the SPR conference in June 2019 in Buenos Aires. This will consist of three presentations; 1. The protocol, 2. Outcomes and 3. Predictors and moderators. 

WG1 also discussed the future of this research group and the potential for future research work together, a training school is set up in Vienna in September 2019.

Lastly, WG1 continued to network and share ideas together through the social evening spent at Cockney’s restaurant in Valletta and through the historic visit of Mdina, the silent city of Malta. 

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