WG-meetings in Krakow

All the working groups had meetings in Krakow before the MC meeting. 

WG1 gave updates on the achievement of their objectives. Currently they plan to build a table with information on predictor and moderator papers, write systematic reviews of the outcomes by following a written protocol paper.

Members from WG2 have already concluded the abstract review. Futures goals are systematic review for general papers and mediators in different typologies of psychotherapies.                 

Members from WG3 have finished the searching on abstracts and the rating assignment. Plan for the next future is to work on abstracts and full articles reviewing within suggested deadline.

Members from WG4 have finished with the recruitment and pre-involvement/active involvement/post stage involvement of young people to the research design. Their future plan is to organize a Training school on ``Customizing psychotherapy research design for young people``.

WG5 introduced the participants to the dissemination plan and table of timelines and responsibilities to be reached by this working group. They are also responsible for reporting on the official website and social media.


Joint presentation from all the working groups

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