Dissemination meeting

Members of Working group 1 attended the 50th SPR International Annual  Meeting that was held in Buenos Aires from July 3rd to July 6th. 

Picture of Vera Gergov giving her presentation

Presentation of current research status and results of systematic searches on moderators of psychotherapy treatment for young people was done through a panel titled TREATme: From a systematic review on evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions for young people to identifying the moderators of the outcome, which consisted of three parts.

  • How to do a systematic review on the moderators of psychotherapeutic interventions? (presented by Vera Gergov)
  •  Evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions for youth mental disorders (presented by Stig Poulsen and Tamara Prevendar)
  • Moderators of psychotherapeutic interventions for young people: What do we know so far? (presented by Eleni Vousoura)

In the introductory note, we have given information on TREATme network to the audience and then presented the overview of our search process and the results, i.e. the evidence-based treatments found in each disorder group. Our research has evoked interest among present audience, and in the discussion part of the panel we were asked more about the research and its future, and exchanged contacts for possible future collaboration.
The 50th SPR meeting offered appealing program and we explored other sessions and presentations trying to cover most of topics of our interest. Together we have visited the presidential address by Mariane Krause, and EU & UK Chapter meeting led by Svenja Taubner.

Time at the conference was used to meet other professionals, and also our TREATme colleagues, Svenja Taubner and Erkki Heinonen. Traditionally, the conference ended with the banquet in the restaurant on the seaside of Buenos Aires where we enjoyed informal meetings with colleagues and other researchers.

From the left: Tamara Prevendar, Eleni Vousoura, Stig Poulsen, Vera Gergov. 
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