Report on participation of Treatme-Members at the Conference of the Society of Psychotherapy Research (SPR) Krakow 2019

To disseminate our preliminary results of our researcher network, we had several presentations in either panels or structured discussions during the SPR conference in Krakow 2019.

First we organized a psychosis panel around the moderators and outcomes research group (WG1 and WG5). It consisted of four papers: one by Stephanie Schmidt on Prevention of High Risk Psychosis Symptoms, second, a review paper by Branka Milic concerning the social cognition in 22q11 deletion syndrome patients, which was also presented in form of a poster, giving a systematic review on this topic. Third, we presented our preliminary status on moderators for psychotherapeutic outcome in psychosis, given by Vera Gergov and last but not least, Henriette Löffler-Stastka presented a research study concerning mentalization capacity and reflective functioning in psychotic patients during hospitalization in a psychiatric inpatient ward (BITmep study).

Further we presented our research and networking efforts of the core group and of the several working groups 1-5: working group 1 (Stig Poulsen) and WG 2 (Yianna Ioannou) presented their strategies concerning systematic reviews on moderators and mediators for psychotherapeutic outcome in several severe mental disorders, working group 3 presented the relevant assessment instruments, working group 4 (Celia Sales) the inclusion of patients and their caregivers in the sense of patient reported outcome strategies, and working group 5 concentrated on the dissemination strategies.

A special workshop on data management and RDA documentation with all the specific legal necessities and GCP regularities was organized by WG 4 Vice leader Celia Sales and opened to the SPR.

Another interesting panel focused mentalization and reflective functioning in several different disorders, for example in irritable bowel syndrome presented by Henriette Löffler-Stastka and several discussions and papers focused in this mentalization panel, the assessment validity, rater training, etc. presented by Svenja Taubner. 

Last but not least, the management committee and core group leader Randi Ulberg presented a future outlook for the society of psychotherapy research strategy, pointing at the necessity to develop a sustainable network towards psychotherapy research in young people, which was supported by the current president of the SPR Europe, Svenja Taubner. 

Another interesting structured discussion and panel focused therapists’ development, where Erkki Heinonen and Henriette Löffler-Stastka are fixed members of the SPRISTAD study. They are also country coordinator for Austria and Mid-Career Counselor, respectively Early Career Counselor in this group.

Several comparative data concerning the trainees’ baseline data of the SPRISTAD study was presented, concentrating on a comparison between several countries, e.g., concerning occupational background and financial support, social demographic data, quality of life, subjective constraints of the candidates and psychotherapists in different European countries. 


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