Evidence-based psychotherapeutic interventions for young people with mood disorders: a systematic review

Mood disorders are amongst the most common groups of mental disorders in young people (YP).


Depression may affect 8-20% of all YP and may result in a cascade of negative developmental outcomes predicting long-term morbidity and poor functioning. In view of this, the COST action ‘European Network of Individualized Psychotherapy Treatment of Young People with Mental Disorders’ (TREATme) was set up to help improve mental health services in YP.


One of the overarching aims of TREATme is to carry out a systematic review to assess for the effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions in YP. In this study, we present results from the systematic review of treatment effectiveness of youth interventions for mood disorders.


Following PRISMA guidelines, we systematically searched for clinical trials targeting mood symptoms in YP in PubMed and PsycINFO. The PICOS model was used to define inclusion and exclusion criteria. Included studies were selected by reaching consensus between six independent raters.


The systematic search yielded 4181 papers. The title and abstract were reviewed and a consensus was reached to accept 608 papers for full-text review. As per inclusion criteria, a consensus was reached to include 91 papers into the review for effectiveness of psychotherapeutic interventions in mood disorders.


The results of this systematic review provides an overview of the current evidence base of youth psychotherapeutic interventions for mood disorders. Discussion of findings will emphasize the importance of personalizing psychotherapy treatment to target effectively mood disorders in YP.

Publisert 8. okt. 2020 12:10 - Sist endret 8. okt. 2020 14:55