Evidence- based psychotherapeutic interventions for young people with mental disorders: a systematic review

Young People (YP) with mental disorders have the highest rates of long-term morbidity and mortality.


Mental disorders increase markably in young adulthood: 75% of mental disorders emerge before the age of 25 years but less than half of YP receive appropriate treatment. Recognizing this public health concern, the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) funded the “European Network of Individualized Psychotherapy Treatment of Young People with Mental Disorders” (TREATme).


To conduct systematic literature reviews elucidating the efficacy of psychotherapeutic interventions for YP diagnosed with mental disorders


Systematic reviews on treatment outcomes for psychotherapeutic interventions targeting specific disorders were performed as part of a larger study. Search strings were created for each disorder group and used in Pubmed and PsychInfo databases followingPRISMAguidelines.Inclusionandexclusioncriteriawere createdfollowingthePICOSmodel.Identifiedpaperswereratedby two independent raters per disorder and the final selection made after consensus was reached.


Searches identified 14,021 studies on 9 different mental disorders, duplicates removed n=9980. A total of 332 ASD studies identified,15 clinical trials chosen from full text selection criteria, ADHD 497 studies, selected n=14, Substance misuse of 2136 studies, 185 were selected, CD 1381, 27 selected, Table 1. The preliminary results from 4 systematic reviews will be presented and discussed.

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