Newsletter - November 2020

Covid-19 has brought enormous challenges but we have been able to continue working. In this newsletter we share the encouraging message of our Chair, Randi Ulberg, telling us how our network has adapted to the pandemic crisis, announcing the great news of the extension of the Action and the exciting plans for the near future. As testimony of our consolidated work so far, we revisit the Training Schools organized by WG1, and the 36-months progress report. Have you read it yet?

In this newsletter you will also find the developments of the several systematic reviews that we are preparing. Our highlight goes to a project that is being conducted by WG4 with young researchers at the University of Porto. Filipa Martins tells us about this project: Research ABOUT youth mental health WITH young people as part of the research team. Is it possible? How has it been done and what is its impact?

We continue to introduce the people behind TREATme, in very nice videos picked up in the (pre-covid!) Training School hosted in Vienna. Hope you enjoy and keep contact in our social media!

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