Newsletter - July 2021

Both Covid-19 and the preventive measures implemented to control the pandemic have continued to bring us all challenges. In this newsletter you will find a research update on some of these consequences for Youth Mental health, written by two work group 5 members, Giada Pietrabissa and Stefanie Schmidt.

You will also find short interviews with youth from across Europe and how they have experienced this period in their lives. The interviews are directed by our youth representative in work group 5, namely Pedro Filipe Gomes who has also edited this newsletter.

Another consequence of the restrictions following the pandemic is that so much of our work is for the time being online, rather than in person. So also, for our upcoming TreatME gathering on the 5th of August which you are invited to join by our chair, Randi Ulberg, in her letter, as well as for the 52nd the annual International Meeting of Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR) themed “From Unravelling to Stitching: Tailoring Psychotherapy in the Face of Change” which was held from June 23-26, in a virtual setting. Tamara Prevendar, also a work group 5 member, gives you a report from this important event. We also share with you short updates from the work groups.

While I spend my time in Norway, where right now I am on vacation and it is just lovely summer weather, it is impossible not to think of what happens to youth and colleagues around Europe who has been hit not only by Covid-19, but now also by extreme weather, either water or heat.

Also, political extremists are in the news trying to hinder human rights, to love who you want and to be able to live safe lives no matter colour of you skin. It is also 10 years since the largest attack on youth in Norway where 69 adolescents were killed by a terrorist.  It really has been quite devastating to follow the news reports from so many different places. The thoughts of how these conditions impose on the hopes and ambitions for the future makes me also think of how our larger environment impact the mental health of our youth.

Despite these sober thoughts, I do hope you will enjoy the company of loved ones, some nice, relaxing, and inspiring days of vacation. Thus, making us ready for the last part of the TreatME COST action, finding ways to continue our collaborations further into the future for the good of the mental health for the youth and to increase our knowledge on Individualized Psychotherapy Treatment of Young People with Mental Disorders. But first, I wish you a good read of our newsletter!

- Warm best whishes, Hanne Sofie J Dahl, WG 5 leader


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