The call for papers for our Special Issues based on TREATme are now open

There are two open calls open. We are happy to receive your submissions. Please be aware that the COST Action TREATme is ended and does not fund any more publications.

Open call #1

Submit your paper in #IJERPH Special issue “Individualized Bio-Psycho- Social Interventions for Youth with Mental Disorders” with #TREATme Guest Editors

This special issue invites papers that identify putative specific markers and mechanisms of change in different psychotherapy modalities, psychotherapy process and treatment measures, and study designs, as well as protocol papers, and papers reviewing the state of the art in the field. Also papers focusing on cost-effectiveness of psychological and social interventions as well as papers integrating a neuroscientific approach and a bio-psychosomatic view are invited.

Deadline is December 31st 2021.

Open call #2

Special issue of #IJERPH "Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Development and Mental Health in Children and Adolescents" with #TREATme Guest Editors is open for submission.

Authors whose research efforts would present a relevant contribution to understanding of how EI and different aspects of cognitive and/or socio-emotional development in children and adolescents, relate to robust mental health criteria, are invited to submit papers for this Special Issue.

Papers focused on EI interventions in school and clinical settings with mental health in children and adolescents as criteria are welcome to this Special Issue, as well.

Send your manuscripts by 30 September 2021.

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