Research Coordination Objectives

TREATme arises  from  nationally  funded  research  groups  and  will  bring  together researchers, clinicians, non-governmental organizations (NGO), and policy makers.

The aims are to exchange and disseminate specific knowledge about important factors that will improve outcome in different youth psychotherapy modes, as well as about how to best design psychotherapy studies that can increase  knowledge  about  what  works  for  whom  and  how  in  youth  psychotherapy. 

The  COST Action  is  a  pan-European  multidisciplinary  network  with  participants  from  Europe  and  beyond, focusing on an urgent topic in psychotherapy research. The COST Action will promote coordinated and collaborative research activities and funding applications on personalized treatment for young people with mental health problems in Europe. This will be achieved by the following partial task objectives during the course of the Action: 

Share  scientific  knowledge  on  treatment  and  research  methods  in  psychotherapy for  young  persons 

The  Action  will  increase  scientific  knowledge  across  Europe  on psychotherapy  with  young  persons,  the  need  for  psychotherapy  research  and  more  specific knowledge on personalized treatment in different COST Countries with different treatments in use and  differing  mental  health  care  systems. 

The  members  of  the  Action  will  propose  adapted research study designs in order to facilitate effective co-ordination and harmonization of research in  psychotherapy  for  young  people  by: 

  • Identifying  putative  specific  markers,  mechanisms  of change and adequate assessment tools in psychotherapy research for young persons
  • Achieve consensus on core measures
  • Provide advice on adequate study designs. This will promote collaborative research among members of the Action Network

Promote the sustainability of the network beyond the life of the Action

The Action will establish sustainable synergies among European research projects on how to do research on personalized treatment for adolescents and young adults and disseminate results in the following ways:

  • Encourage network members to develop collaborative funding applications, for example from  the  European  research  program  Horizon  2020
  • Continue  the  liaison  established  among psychotherapy researchers after the duration of the Action
  • Maintain the planned Action website as  a  sustained  open  resource  for  researchers,  clinicians  and  policy  makers. 

These  objects  are specific, and will be possible to measure because the goals are concrete and visible. 

Support a high proportion of ECIs and especially female and ITC researchers in the COST  Action

Early  Careers  Investigators  (ECIs),  female  and  Inclusiveness  Target  Countries (ITCs) researchers will be encouraged by Action members to participate in Training Schools (TSs) and Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs).

This objective will be conducted through the Website, conferences, local workshops, and by research and private institutions.

The training and mentoring of an emerging group of ECIs will be a measurable outcome of this objective.

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