Orya Tishby

Country:  Israel

Current position and affiliation: Head of the clinical psychology graduate program, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Involvement with youth mental health and research interests and activities:

I teach an supervise on psychotherapy with adolescents  and emerging young adults at the university and in different outpatient units. I am currently involved in  several studies: 1) The effects of psychotherapy on achievement of developmental goals of young adults ( PI is prof. Shmuel Shulman, Bar Ilan University ). 2) The effects of therapists' emotions on rupture and resolution  in the alliance, and the effects of resolution on patients' emotion regulation (therapy with emerging young adults, I am the PI). 3) Supervision of doctoral student – a) adolescents' experience of hospitalization in a psychiatric unit (mixed methods, with 3 month follow up).b) Process and outcome in the treatment of adolescents  and parents (outpatient).

I also see adolescents and parents in my private practice. 

Contact email: orya.tishby@mail.huji.ac.il

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