Marie Sidse Arnfred

Country: Denmark

Current position and affiliation: Clinical Research Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine (Psychiatry), Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen University & Research Consultant, Psychiatry West, Slagelse, Region Zealand Mental Health Services.

Involvement with youth mental health and research interests and activities:

We conduct psychotherapy research within the regional, public, mental health services. The goal is ultimately to provide evidence for an integrated youth friendly service, where psychotherapy, education coaching and facilitation of social inclusion for young adults with non-psychotic disorders, improve quality of life and long-term outcome. We have started out with an RCT of transdiagnostic CBT vs standard CBT and a systemic, narrative coaching program called RENEW (Rehabilitation for Empowerment, Natural supports, Education and Work). It is an American program, that we transform to the Danish setting.

Positive outcome of the CBT study will make it possible to deliver group therapy in age-related groups and implementation of RENEW will strengthen the cross-sectorial collaboration need to support young adults.

Professional website:


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