Célia M. D. Sales

Country: Portugal

Current position and Affiliation: Researcher, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences at the University of Porto (FPCEUP)

Involvement with youth mental health and research interests and activities: My research is concerned with understanding how psychotherapy works. I am mainly interested in learning from routine real practice, the expertise of therapists and the first-hand experience of patients. Using participatory methods, my colleagues and I have developed personalized methods of measuring and monitoring therapeutic change.
My work also extends into the study of the psychosocial impact of disease. Currently I lead a multidisciplinary project that studies the psychosocial adaptation of individuals and families that present increased risk of developing cancer due to a genetic mutation. We hope this work can help us identify best ways of organizing care for families facing inherited cancer syndromes.
I am also involved in the study of two emerging societal challenges: the problematic use of the internet, and the development of open science best that accounts for ethical aspects of data protection.
As a licensed psychotherapist, my clinical work is as an individual and family therapist in the Service of Counselling and Therapy Psychology, FPCEUP.

Contact email: celiasales@fpce.up.pt

Link individual: www.researchgate.net/profile/Celia_Sales
ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-2586-8469
SCOPUS ID: 35339793400

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