Luis-Joaquin Garcia-Lopez

Country: Spain

Current position and affiliation: Professor Accredited (Prf. Dr. habil, tenured, civil servant), University of Jaen, Department of Psychology, Division of Clinical Psychology

Involvement with youth mental health and research interests and activities:

His research interest and clinical activities focuses on the promotion, assessment and CBT treatment of emotional difficulties (anxiety and depression) in the young. He has a demonstrated record of accomplished and productive research projects in this area of high relevance for adolescent population. In particular, Prf. Garcia-Lopez’s H-index places him in the first quartile (A level) in his country, all of this based on the ResearchID published by Thomson Reuters, adapted by the Web of Science Production of Spanish Psychology. Papers are well-known in the international community, partly due to having been published in leading international high-rank journals and partly due to his international collaborations with foreign research teams. In addition, he is a licensed psychologist, who conducts therapy in the Psychological Service Centre of his institution. Professor Garcia-Lopez’s long commitment to promotion of mental health in the young has been acknowledged by stakeholders, funding agencies and scientific community.

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