Elina (Eleni) Kanellopoulou

Country: Greece

Current position and affiliation: Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit, Sismanoglio General Hospital

Involvement with youth mental health and research interests and activities: 

Dr Kanellopoulou is a psychotherapist working primarily with adolescents and young adults, individually and in groups. In addition to a private practice, Dr Kanellopoulou is a Fellow at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit of Sismanoglio General Hospital and at the Institute of Mental Health for Children and Adults in Athens, Greece. Dr Kanellopoulou’s research background is on cognitive strategies for effective self-regulation, and she teaches as a Visiting Professor of Psychology at Columbia University her course entitled Self-Regulation: The Science of Becoming your Better Self. Dr Kanellopoulou focuses on exploring ways that facilitate young individuals in creating an authentic and fulfilling life and in realizing their potential.

Professional website

Contact email: drkanellopoulou@gmail.com

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