Julian Edbrooke-Childs

Country: UK

Current position and affiliation: Lecturer in Evidence Based Child and Adolescent Mental Health at University College London, Head of Digital Development and Evaluation at Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, Co-Research Lead for the Child Outcomes Research Consortium

Involvement with youth mental health and research interests and activities: 

Since completing my PhD, my passion for applied research has focused on evidence based child and adolescent mental health. My work uniquely bridges the worlds of practice in relation to supporting the mental health of children and young people. My research agenda focusses on how to understand child mental health difficulties and how best to support children, young people and families to build on their own strengths to overcome and manage their difficulties and aid recovery. My research covers three domains: a) person-centred care, b) implementation science and c) digital innovation, and draws on evidence derived from multiple methodologies both qualitative and quantitative, including framework analysis, regression analysis and multilevel modelling.

Professional website: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/evidence-based-practice-unit/about/EBPU_Staff_Profiles/Julian_Childs

Contact email: julian.edbrooke-childs@annafreud.org

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